Blogger Bloopers – April Fool’s ’17 Edition

Happy April Fool’s Day, lovelies! This isn’t a holiday that I usually acknowledge in any way… However, I recently realized just how many “bloopers” I have from the various shoots that I do. So, I thought I’d share some of them with y’all today, given the holiday in the hope that you’ll get a laugh out of some of these. 😉


I’d like to give a special shoutout to my various photographers that deal with me on the reg and put up with my goofiness and funny faces that always come out during shoots. I hope that you all enjoy this collection of pictures of me being a goofball, making funny faces, etc.


These things are difficult to climb into, but they’re even harder to get into when you’re in heels…


It may not look like it, but this was a surprisingly comfortable position…

{original post: Lincoln Park Pavilion}


Cracking myself up in Kraków.


Hiding from the paparazzi…

{original post: Wawel Castle Garden}


I was really excited about this castle.

{original post: Keeping Up in Kraków}


Hamming it up in Prague. Check out the quote by my feet!

{original post: You May Say I’m a Dreamer}


Caught mid-hair flip in Paris.

{original post: The Louvre}


Chilling in a field in Poland. Can you say camouflage?

{original post: Out Here in The Field}


In the middle of an overly-enthusiastic spin.

{original post: Houndstooth Cardigan}


One of the things you rarely see in blog pictures, the removal of the coat when shooting in freezing temperatures. Gotta love Chicago winters!

{original post: Periwinkle on the Pier}


Turning the tables and making the photographer the photographed.

{original post: Navy Pier Crystal Gardens}


You can see my breath in this one because that’s how cold it was. We had to wait for an ice-breaker boat to pass before we could snap this shot.

{original post: My Greek Life Experience – A Senior’s Perspective}


I was being too serious while we were shooting, so Ashlee started making weird faces or noises at this point and this was my reaction.

{original post: Turtleneck & Tiles}


Not sure exactly what I was reacting to in the shot, but Ola always manages to capture these moments without fail.


My five year hand pose turned into me doing the sprinkler… whoops.

{original post: Blogiversary: Bowtiful Life is FIVE!}


We had to walk through an alleyway to get to this wall to shoot last week, so I broke out the flip flops for the trip over, then put my heels on when we got to the wall. Truly behind the scenes lol.

{original post: Carnation Ball 2017}


I hope that you all enjoy your weekend and that this post gave you a little something to chuckle about today! 😉