School Supplies for Spring Semester

Office Depot was generous enough to send me on a little shopping spree recently to stock up on some much needed essentials for spring semester! I had a great time picking out some cute stuff to improve the organization of my desk as well as plenty of necessary school supplies for my new classes! I’m so much more organized this semester and I haven’t been as stressed about temporarily misplacing things. Check out the bottom of the post for links to everything that I picked out! Also, click HERE to get $10 off of your next $50 purchase at Office Depot. Happy shopping!



All the goodies!
(Courtesy of Office Depot)

binder  –  filler paper  –  receipt holder  –  Cross pen  –  plaid Post-its –  white out (similar)  –  tape dispenser  –  full-stick Post-it notes  –  Paris notebook  –  3-in-1 Post-it pens (similar)  –  business card holder  –  magazine holder

  • I love your desk organisation!

    Belle //

  • School supplies are one of the biggest reasons that I miss college so much!!

  • Why is shopping for school supplies soooo sooo fun? Now that I've finally finished my Master's I really miss it!

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  • Your blog is so cute! What are you majoring in? I love shopping for upcoming semesters 🙂