Cupcakes & Cashmere Fall 2015 Collection

If any of you are die-hard blog readers, then it’s very likely that you’ve heard of Emily Schuman’s blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, before! Emily posted recently about a new project she’s been working on, and I am so excited about it!
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Emily has released her own clothing collection through Shopbop and Nordstrom this month! I love the palette of the line as well as the fabric choices she made. The pieces are all cohesive as a collection, but they all seem like items that would quickly become a staple in any fashionista’s closet! More and more bloggers have been branching out from the blogosphere to become authors of books, designers of clothing and jewelry, and more! As a blogger myself, I love it when other bloggers have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and accomplish things like this while gaining recognition for their various talents beyond blogging! Check out the Fall 2015 Cupcakes and Cashmere collection below.

shop the collection being sold at Nordstrom ↓
What’s your favorite piece from the collection?