Orange is The New Black

After hearing only good things from friends, fellow bloggers, acquaintances, etc, I finally gave in.
I started watching Orange is The New Black on Netflix this Friday, and I’m already on episode 6…
I’m still figuring out just how much I like it, but it’s certainly outside of my usual realm of interest. The reason I find OITNB especially interesting is because there are multiple story-lines for each character the whole time. You get to learn a bit about their past and what got them into prison as well as their present life “on the inside.” The show is very humorous at times, but I’d definitely say it’s for mature audiences only due to various factors. I’m not sure just yet that I’d recommend it, but it’s certainly interesting for now! I’m curious to see how the storyline progresses over time.
Have you watched any of Orange is the New Black, what’s your opinion? 
  • Haven't watched it yet, but for sure will in the future!

  • I've watched a few episodes, and there are some scenes that are definitely for a mature audience only, and some that I felt very uncomfortable watching. But I loved the story line, and loved that they included back stories for a lot of the characters instead of just showing their lives in the present. It makes you feel like you actually know the characters. Overall I definitely think I'll watch it again!


  • I definitely can relate to feeling uncomfortable during certain parts. I actually skipped a few of them (since it was on Netflix I was able to fast-forward). That's why I made sure I mentioned in the post that I found it to be for mature audiences. Thank you so much for your input, Hayden! 🙂

  • Ah I love that show! I was wary at first but then I became addicted to it.