Tumblr Struggle and a Silver Lining

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may be well aware that I was having some trouble with my Tumblr yesterday. Long story short, Tumblr updated the template I was using for my layout. Due to this update, my header and background went all screwy and disproportionate all of a sudden! I was not pleased. However, every situation has a silver lining! I chose to take this unfortunate and annoying occurrence to completely revamp my Tumblr! I’ve been wanting to have a grid-style layout for a while, so I’m quite happy with this Narnia 2 theme I downloaded and customized. I also added some new tabs at the top of the page. There are now three new tabs where you can see different outfits I have posted, pictures from my Instagram, and a way to message me to ask questions, request posts, or just say a quick hello. I’m know I’m loving this new look, how about you?
To check out my new Tumblr set up & see what I re-blog, you can click HERE!
Always look for the silver lining in any situation!