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April ’17 Playlist

Happy April! This has already been such a packed month and it’s crazy that we’re only a week in so far. There are some great tunes coming your way on this month’s playlist, so I hope you enjoy all of them! My faves this time around are “The One” and “Our City.” Happy listening!

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What’s your current favorite jam?


March ’17 Playlist

Happy March, lovelies!

This month’s playlist is quite a mish mosh when it comes to genres, but there are some seriously great tunes on here. My personal favorites are “Something Just Like This,” “It Ain’t Me” and “Slide.”

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What’s your go-to song this month?


February ’17 Playlist

Happy February!

Here’s some great new music to get you through another chilly winter month. My personal favorite on this month’s playlist is probably “Shape of You” with “Last One I Love” as a close second. You can access the playlist through the link or Spotify widget below. Enjoy!

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What are some of your favorite songs or albums this month?


January ’17 Playlist

Happy 2017!!!

I can’t believe that it’s already a brand new year! I thought it was only appropriate to start off my blog posts for 2017 with a brand new playlist. These are some of the songs that I’ve really been loving recently and I hope you end up enjoying them as much as I am! Enjoy!

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I hope you all have an incredible year! Did you have an anthem for 2016 or do you already know what your 2017 anthem will be?


December ’16 Playlist

Happy December, lovelies! It seems like I say it every month, but this one seriously flew by for me…

Finals are next week, so I’ve been listening to a lot of music while working on my various projects and papers. That being said, I’m absolutely loving this month’s playlist and I hope you all enjoy it as well!

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If any of you are also prepping for finals, good luck! This time of year can get a bit crazy, but the holidays are right around the corner! (Thank goodness.)


November ’16 Playlist

Happy November, loves!

I’ve been a bit M.I.A. on here for a while… and for that I apologize. This last month has been the definition of hectic! However, I promise, I’ve got some great content coming your way soon as well as some fun new projects that are still under wraps. So, stay tuned! 😉

For now, I hope you enjoy this month’s Bowtiful Playlist. Happy listening!

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Bowtiful Life Playlist November 2016



I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


October ’16 Playlist

Happy October! It’s officially feeling like fall in Chicago and there’s so much great music that’s coming out. If you follow me on Snapchat then you’re already well aware that I’m a big fan of the Chainsmokers. I absolutely love their new song, “All We Know,” and I’ve had it on repeat. I hope you enjoy this month’s playlist. Happy listening!

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Bowtiful Life October Playlist 2016



What’s your go-to song this month?



September ’16 Playlist

Happy September! I hope you’re all having a fantastic Labor Day Weekend and enjoying your time off. Here’s a brand new playlist stacked with tunes to enjoy this weekend and throughout the month. Happy listening!


2016-09 Bowtiful Life playlist



What songs are you loving right now?



August ’16 Playlist

Happy August, lovelies! It’s time for a brand new monthly playlist and this is one of my all time favorites that I’ve ever curated. The songs on this month’s playlist all have a super summery vibe and I love absolutely all of them! If I had to pick a favorite, “Closer” and “Cold Water” would be tied. I hope you all enjoy these songs as much as I have been. Happy listening!

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August 2016 Bowtiful Life Spotify Playlist



What is your go-to summer song right now?



July ’16 Playlist

Happy July! Music has a way of bringing back memories for me. There are so many songs that remind me of specific moments in my life each and every time that I hear theme.This month has been jam packed with traveling and fun times, so I’m sure that some of these songs will have that same effect for me down the road.

One of my favorites out of all the songs I chose this month is “Wona.” The sound of it reminds me a bit of Vampire Weekend, but Mumford and Sons have put their signature sound into it and I love the end result! “Alaska” is definitely another favorite this month. Happy listening!

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July 2016 Bowtiful Life Playlist



What’s your favorite song right now?