Wisdom Wednesday: You Should Go & Love Yourself

Happy post-Valentine’s Day, y’all! Today is one of the best days of the year because candy and chocolate are on sale pretty much everywhere you go. So, go ahead and treat yourself!

Now, I never thought that I’d be quoting this person in a Wisdom Wednesday post, but… to quote Justin Bieber,



“You should go & love yourself.”


You may be thinking, “Megan, why on earth are you quoting ‘Love Yourself’ today?” (Besides the fact that it is a really great song, of course.) This post isn’t in quite the same sassy vein or context of Bieber’s song, but these words are important nonetheless. Here’s why…

Something that we so often forget, myself included, is to remember to love ourselves and acknowledge our own self-worth. Remembering that we are special and important as individuals is much harder when society has a whole day dedicated to celebrating couples. Don’t get me wrong, I have no straight up issue with Valentine’s Day. However, some people love the holiday, some people hate it and some people couldn’t care less… I’ve actually heard from friends who are single AND friends who are dating someone that they really don’t like Valentine’s Day. Interesting, right?

So often, Valentine’s Day ends up as a one-upping contest. Who planned the best date, had the best dinner, got the greatest gift, had the most attractive date, etc. Society has a tendency to look down upon anyone who’s single or not in love on that day in a sort of “oh poor you” sense.


Hey society, STOP THAT.


There’s nothing wrong with being single. Wether it’s by your own choice or simply because you haven’t found your “person” yet. There’s no shame it it, even on a hallmark holiday like Valentine’s Day.

There’s also no need to settle! When it comes to finding love it’s incredibly important to remember your self-worth and learn to love yourself before you expect someone else to. By loving yourself and realizing your worth as an individual you’re far more likely to take the time to find someone who truly appreciates you and all that you do. They’ll love your quirks, celebrate your accomplishments, support you in all of your endeavors, believe in your full potential even if you can’t see it yourself and they’ll love you unconditionally simply because you are who you are. It may be cheesy, but it’s not rocket science and it’s not a fairy tale. It’s deciding to be thoughtful and patient in taking the time to find your “person.”


In addition to self-love, it’s important to share love with others to help to remind them that they are important and deserving of love as well. Friends, family, significant others, crushes, coworkers, even strangers. Love in the form of kindness doesn’t cost a thing and it can turn someone’s day around if they’re having a crappy one. Be kind and pass it on. Take the time to ask someone how their day is going, if you have a compliment for someone voice it, smile at others instead of staring down at your phone while you walk down the street, etc. There are so many incredibly easy ways to be kind and pass on this sort of love, so why not do it?

In talking about sharing love with others, Olivia Rink put it well in her blog post yesterday: “When it comes to love, you should never be afraid to show or tell others how much you appreciate them. Love should be simple and sweet, and it doesn’t require grand gestures. It is kindness, patience, and selflessness. It is giving someone your time and attention. Being sensitive, genuine, and honest. Always keep an open heart – say what you think and express what you feel – wear your heart on your sleeve. Love has the ability to break us, but it’s also the only thing worth living for. It’s all we have and it’s enough.


Don’t forget to celebrate yourself, your big and small wins, your accomplishments, your talents and strengths each and every day. Love yourself.


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