3 Arts Club Cafe


I visited Restoration Hardware’s 3 Arts Club Cafe in the Gold Coast recently with one of my blogger buddies, Ashlee, and I think it’s quite possible that I’ve found a new favorite Chicago brunch spot. The service was great, the food was incredible and the location was absolutely GORGEOUS!



Ashlee and I both got truffled grilled cheese sandwiches and they were so good! She went the healthier route and got a side salad while I got fries. Each of us chose to get coffee (shocker I know) and I found out that they serve Metropolis coffee at 3 Arts! Metropolis has a coffee shop in Rogers Park right by Loyola, which was one of my favorite coffee shops during my early years at LUC, so that was a fun and happy coincidence.



Ashlee and I knew we wanted to walk around after eating, because we’d heard that Restoration Hardware’s showroom/show-house is stunning. It didn’t disappoint! I snapped this shot from the second floor looking down at where we’d sat right by the fountain at the center of the cafe.

Keep scrolling for more photos of delicious food and the various showrooms!











I could’ve spent hours at 3 Arts and I know I want to go back when I have more time to look around and take more photos of the different rooms. I also want to try some of the juices that they have on their menu. Have you ever visited 3 Arts Club Cafe?



  • Oh my gosh, this looks amazing and I love your Lilly top!


    • Thank you so much, Katie! 3 Arts is definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Chicago’s Gold Coast! xo