Wisdom Wednesday: Soul Set On Fire

My last Wisdom Wednesday post went over quite well, so I decided to do another one for y’all this week!


“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” -Unknown


I just started my final semester of undergrad yesterday and it’s such a surreal feeling. I came across this “unknown” quote on Pinterest recently and thought that it was fitting for anyone who’s in the process of trying to pursue their passion(s) or find the next step on their pathway of life.


Art, fashion, blogging, philanthropy, social media, music, dance, organization, coffee, Chicago, color coding, etc. The list goes on! These are all things that I’m passionate about and wherever my passions end up leading me, I plan to follow.

I’m excited to be on the verge of a new chapter, getting into the “real world” both personally and professionally. In my everyday life, I do my best to pay attention to the experiences, people, places, things and work that make my heart feel full and fulfilled; what “sets my soul on fire.”

In these next few months I plan to continue to do this and follow what I find in order to figure out what my next “step” is. I invite each of you to do the same. Pay close attention to what makes you happiest and add fuel to those “fires.”

Be fearless & find what sets your soul on fire.