Blushing Heart Bowtiful Wallpaper

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Before January ended, I wanted to put together a brand new Bowtiful Wallpaper for all of you! I chose to go with a blush theme this time around to match this quote that I came across recently on Tumblr. I thought that the blush color scheme was also quite appropriate given the impending holiday in mid-February and that this quote acts as a wonderful reminder to keep your heart open to all possibilities, both the expected and unexpected.


Blushing Heart Bowtiful Wallpaper | Bowtiful Life


Just follow the directions below to set up your brand new wallpaper in five easy steps!


How to set up your new background:
1. right click on the image. / 2. select “open in new tab” (or window) / 3. right click the image again. / 4. save the image to your computer and then set it as your background / 5. include the specification “fill screen” so you can see the full image with no gapping issues.

If you do decide to set this as your desktop background, take a picture of your computer with its new background and tag @BowtifulLife on Instagram and/or Twitter so I see it!
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I hope you all have a wonderful week!


*Please note, I do not claim ownership of any featured images that are not my own photography.*