Blogiversary: Bowtiful Life is FIVE!

Five years ago today, I published my very first post here on Bowtiful Life. Today, I’m publishing my 627th!!!



If I’m being 100% honest here, I seriously just typed that out and then had to read it out loud to myself. 5 years?!? 627 posts?!? That’s crazy!

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in the computer lab in my high school during one of my free periods messing around on blogger, creating the first design layout and drafting my first post.

When I first started Bowtiful Life I was a little terrified. I didn’t attach my name, photo, or any personal info to the blog because I was worried I’d get judged just for doing something a little bit different and I had also been taught so much about online stranger danger when I was younger.

I was a high schooler with a passion and some free time for a “side project,”  so I started Bowtiful Life during my junior year. Little did I know at the time that it would end up expanding from just a fun side project to becoming a major aspect of my everyday life and how I identified myself as an individual.


What I Wore

Uniqlo Sweater ℅  –  Banana Republic Skirt from a few years ago (Similar style here.)  –  BP. Booties  –  ITEM m6 Tights ℅  –  Kendra Scott Cuff, Earrings, Necklace & Ring


Eventually, I bit the bullet and put up one of my first posts featuring the first picture of myself I’d ever put online. It’s funny to think how now I don’t even give that a second thought when I publish an OOTD post or an Instagram...

I didn’t start tracking anything related to numbers or demographics for Bowtiful Life until mid-November of 2013 because I didn’t  understand any of that when I first started blogging. However, based on the info that I have from the past four and a half years…

Bowtiful Life has been read by over 94,000 people, in over 170 countries, in over 141 languages!



Bowtiful Life has opened so many doors and presented me with so many opportunities that never would have been possible otherwise. I’ve gotten to work with amazing brands and companies, share my thoughts and passions with others, meet some truly amazing people and so much more!



All of these experiences wouldn’t have been been possible without the constant, incredible love and support I’ve received in the past five years from my family, friends, followers and readers. You are truly amazing and words cannot express just how ridiculously grateful I am for each of you! From the very bottom of my heart










Photography by Ola Wysocki


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Cheers to five bowtiful years and to all of those to come in the future!

Thank you!



  • Yay! Congrats Megan- can’t wait to see where blogging takes you in the next five years!


  • Alexandra Moresco

    CONGRATS!! Such a fun milestone to celebrate!