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I typically don’t discuss politics here on Bowtiful Life, but especially after watching the debate last night, I felt the need to discuss one very important aspect of the upcoming election with all of you… voting!



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As U.S. citizens, voting is one of our rights and it’s one that many people take for granted. Our chance to vote and have a voice in our government is a privilege that has been fought for time and time again. It’s crazy to think that there was once a time in our country where certain races and genders were simply not allowed to vote, and that that time was really not too long ago. Today, there are still so many places in the world where people don’t have any say regarding the way in which their government is run. Especially if they are a woman. Here in the United States, we are so incredibly lucky that we each have the opportunity to share our political opinions freely, both through our words & through the action of voting.




This year, I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the election, the candidates, debates, etc. I can understand that people are frustrated, but instead of just verbally voicing negative opinions, people can put their words and feelings of dissatisfaction into action and vote! Especially within my generation, I’ve run into people who have flat out told me that they’re not voting this year because they don’t think that it’s “worth it” since the candidate(s) that they initially liked is no longer in the running to become our next president. My response to this is: get yourself well-informed on the candidates that are running and vote for the the one who you believe will be a level-headed leader and will provide us with the stability that our country needs at this time.




The result of this year’s election will greatly affect our country in the next four years as well as down the road and into the future. Voting in any election, but especially this one, is both a privilege and a duty as an American and it is a right that I will be exercising this year.

I’m not here to sway anyone’s vote, tell you who to support, or tell you who I support. All I ask is that you take the time this year to exercise your right to vote for our next president and make your voice heard.












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Please, make sure you’re registered to vote and that you take the time to vote for our future president on November 8th!