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Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a recent interview with all of you that I did with Pieces of Me as well as tell you a bit about this super cool & custom brand.

Pieces of Me is a company that “desires to empower individuals by building their self-confidence and giving them a reminder to stay true to themselves every day.” They’ve created 30 different icons to match up with the various personality traits they feature and then they stamp these icons on jewelry from earrings to cuff bracelets like the one I’m wearing in the photo above!

Pieces of Me and their founder, Elsa Vogel, reached out to me to ask if I would represent the trait “ambitious” for a series of interviews they were doing on the POM blog. I was honored and humbled to be asked to represent this trait and I had so much fun with the interview we did. It’s actually my favorite that I’ve ever done!


Bowtiful Life Pieces of Me Ambitious Interview August 2016 Megan Rogers-Reilley


As I mentioned, Pieces of Me creates jewelry featuring these icons and they’re sold in their online shop. They sent me their ambitious cuff to add to my jewelry box & they were kind enough to give me the code “BOWTIFULLIFE10” to share with all of you so you can  purchase anything in their shop for 10% off!

Check out my interview to find out why they asked me to represent the trait “ambitious,”  learn a bit more about my story and discover why I started blogging. You can find my full interview with Pieces of Me on Bowtiful Life’s press page!


Bowtiful Life Pieces of Me | www.bowtifullife.com


Bowtiful Life Pieces of Me | www.bowtifullife.com


Bowtiful Life Pieces of Me | www.bowtifullife.com


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