Clothed in Confidence

Thinking back to when I was a little girl, I remember having a few specific dresses and tops that I fell in love with. Each time I wore them I felt a sense of happiness and satisfaction. As I’ve grown up and these pieces have come and gone, I’ve come to realize that this is what it feels like when you find something that truly fits your personal style and esthetic. This top has recently become one of those pieces within my wardrobe.


Chicago Gold Coast. Trung Nguyen. - 1

What I Wore

Old Navy Ruffle Top (On sale for under $7 & still avaliable in plenty of sizes!)  –  J.Crew Jeans  –  Kendra Scott Earrings, Necklace, Kriss Bangles (No longer available.), Bracelet, Timex Watch ℅  –  Heirloom Signet Ring (Similar.)  –  “Rosé All Day” Case  –  Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote  –  Jack Rogers Sandals


Before I left for Europe earlier this summer, I went shopping for some easy pieces to mix into my wardrobe and I picked up this top. I’ve worn this shirt so much since purchasing it and I have lots of fond memories attached to it, especially from my time in Paris.


Chicago Gold Coast. Trung Nguyen. - 2


I’ve always loved shirts, skirts and dresses that have a twirl factor to them and this top definitely fits the bill. The ruffle at the bottom picks up movement and flows nicely without being too distracting. I also love the print and blue tones!


Chicago Gold Coast. Trung Nguyen. - 3


Chicago Gold Coast. Trung Nguyen. - 4


However, more than anything, I love this shirt because when I wear it I feel confident.

I like the way that it looks and the way that I look when I wear it. When I feel good about how I look I stand a bit straighter, speak with more certainty and have a general feeling of positivity going into anything that I do.

I love that fashion and personal style can make a person feel empowered and confident. There’s really nothing that compares to finding that “perfect” piece that you want to wear over and over again because it makes you feel good about yourself.


Chicago Gold Coast. Trung Nguyen. - 5


Is there anything particularly remarkable about this shirt itself? No. It’s just a shirt. What makes it so special (and the reason that it’s one of my favorites) is because of how it makes me feel and the positive association I have with this article of clothing. It’s pieces like this top that feed my love for fashion and the “art” of building a personal wardrobe and esthetic.


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Photography by Trung Nguyen


Do you have items in your wardrobe that make you feel like a million bucks each time you wear them?


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