Prague Photo Diary

Prague was our second major stop on our trip and I’m so excited to share my photo diary from this stunning city with all of you!


Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 13


As I mentioned in my previous photo diary, Kraków was one of my favorite cities from the trip, but I think that Prague was my number one. All the places we visited were beautiful in their own way, but there was just something about Prague that really made me feel like I was walking through a fairy tale…


We arrived in Prague very early after taking a night train from Kraków. Once we dropped off our baggage at the hotel we would be staying at, we headed to Francouzská Restaurace Art Nouveau for brunch. The food and coffee was super good and the restaurant itself was absolutely gorgeous! They had chandeliers like this all throughout the dining room.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 1


Since we couldn’t actually check into our hotel for a few hours, we decided to go on one of the guided tours that they suggested. It was a six hour walking tour that included lunch and a boat ride, but the walking actually ended up being my favorite part!


This blackened building was referred to as the “powder tower” because it’s where they used to keep ammunition.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 2


There were countless colorful & pastel-toned buildings throughout the city with gold or white molding like this one.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 3


This large clock in the main square went off every hour and those two little doors opened and figurines of apostles would rotate and pass by the windows. There would be a massive crowd in the square right before to watch the show and everyone would applaud after. I probably watched it three or four times during our time in Prague!

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Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 5


More beautiful architecture and detailing.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 6


The Matthias Gate at Prague Castle.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 7


This statue of Peter sits in an alcove right by the Old Royal Palace and the Latin words above it roughly translate (according to Google Translate) to “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.”

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 8


St. Vitus Cathedral.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 9



Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 11


This window in St. Vitus was designed by Alfons Mucha who also was the artist behind the Slav Epic (shown further in the post).

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 12


After checking out the castle and cathedral, we continued the walking tour and our guide informed us that the tower on the right, a part of St. Nicholas’s church, was used by KGB spies during the war to monitor those coming and going to the nearby United States embassy.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 14


There were flower boxes and decorative balconies on a significant number of windows throughout the city like this one.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 15


Our next stop was the Charles Bridge, the most famous bridge in Prague and one of the primary tourist attractions in the city, which is decked out with statues.

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Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 17


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If you look in the bottom of this photo you can see a lit up number 2. This light is one of the fastest traffic lights I’ve ever seen, on an insanely busy street. Traffic goes through for approximately one minute and then pedestrians only have 12 seconds to cross a pretty wide intersection. Crossing always felt like a race against time!

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 19


Later in the day, after an outfit shoot, we stopped by this cute cafe called Caffe Charles IV Prague on Karlova, not too far from the light. They had stools that were shaped like macarons and their macarons were really good!

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 20


This was one of my favorite architectural spots in Prague. I loved that pink building and the white one with green and gold detailing was so unusual and beautiful!

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 21


Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 22


Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 23


As I’ve already said, I loved all the buildings in Prague. I took so many photos of architecture during this leg of our trip!

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 24


I shared this photo on Instagram along with a fun fact… that purple building is a Starbucks! Want proof? Scroll bit farther. 😉 If you know me, then you know that I’ll always be up for finding the closest Starbucks and grabbing a cup of coffee.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 26


Whenever we were walking through the winding streets you’d be able to smell the chimney cakes baking. I didn’t end up having one until one of our last days there, but I wish I’d tried them sooner! The one we got was coated with a chocolate spread, similar to Nutella.(Photo from my Snapchat, hence the minor misspelling.) It was one of the most delicious pastries I’ve ever tasted!

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 27


On our final day in Prague we saw Alfons Mucha’s Slav Epic at the National Gallery in Prague. It was pretty “epic” if I do say so myself.

Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 29


Prague Photo Diary #bowtifultravels 30


Have you ever been to Prague? If not, I would highly suggest visiting! I can’t wait to go back some day!