Getting Organized with Day Designer for Blue Sky

Bowtiful Life Day Designer Blue Sky


It’s no secret that I’m into organization and making to-do lists. You can ask any of my friends or family members and you’ll quickly learn that my response to, “Can you hang out on ____?” or “When are you free to do _____?” is almost always, “Let me check my planner!”

My planner is my lifeline, so when Blue Sky reached out and asked me to check out their 2016 Day Designer for Target line I couldn’t say no! I used one of these planners last year and I can honestly say that it was one of the best planners that I’ve ever had. I liked that one so much that I ended up purchasing one of the flagship Day Designer planners this year as my primary planner. Blue Sky was incredibly generous and sent me a bunch of the products from this year to review and I must say that I was impressed once again!

I loved the color scheme for this year’s collection! I really appreciated that they kept the classic striped planners, but also incorporated a new spotty gold print (not pictured) and this fun floral print for some pieces in the collection.


Bowtiful Life Day Designer Blue Sky

(pink striped weekly/monthly, floral weekly monthly with notes, floral weekly/monthly)


One of the things that I love most about these planners is the way the pages are laid out. There’s space for general scheduling as well as one for to-do lists, which is key for me. If it’s not on my to-do list, it won’t get done! Having a planner that combines these two aspects for me has been a game changer and I no longer have to carry two separate notebooks to keep track of both. However, I do use a separate calendar for my blog, so I decided that I’d pick one of these planners to keep track of all things Bowtiful Life for the coming year.


(Here’s a page breakdown of the two larger styles so that you can get a better idea of what the daily vs. weekly planners look like on the inside.)
Bowtiful Life Blue Sky Day Designer Weekly Pages

(weekly/monthly layout via)


Bowtiful Life Blue Sky Day Designer Daily Pages

(daily layout via)


Bowtiful Life Day Designer Blue Sky

(weekly/monthly today & to do, floral fountain pen)

This fountain pen was amazing! It writes like a dream and I loved the print. This planner was a nice one, but I prefer spirals so the pages stay open while I’m writing.


Bowtiful Life Day Designer Blue Sky

(gold stripe weekly/monthly with notes, gold stripe hardcover weekly/monthly, navy stripe mini weekly/monthly)

These were some of my favorite planners that I received. I love the stripes! Fun fact about the navy planner and the larger pink striped planner featured earlier: They both feature a clear pocket so you can switch out the cover with your own designs!


Bowtiful Life Day Designer Blue Sky

(printed pencils, pink wall calendar, washi tapefloral fountain pen)

I needed a new wall calendar, so I was super happy to receive this cute pink one! The washi tape will also come in handy. I like to use washi tape to highlight important or ongoing events in my planner.


In the end, the gold stripe weekly/monthly with notes was the winner for me! It’s perfect for keeping track of published and upcoming posts as well as things  that I need to get done and events that are happening. I’m also a sucker for the classic gold stripe design, so that was also a factor. I’m loving it so far and can’t wait to fully start using it when July rolls around.

How do you stay organized? Let me know in the comments below if you’re a digital or handwritten planner. Also, if you’re interested in purchasing any of the products featured in today’s post, you can buy them at Target or Blue Sky!



P.S. For anyone who’s curious as to what happened to all the extra planners after this post, they went to good homes with friends and family so that they are able to stay organized this year too. Besides, there’s no way or reason that I would need this many planners all by myself! Sharing is caring. 😉 xo