Why I Chopped Off My Hair

Bowtiful Life Pantene Beautiful Lengths Megan Rogers-Reilley

Surprise, I cut my hair!

I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a pretty long time. It had just recently gotten to the point where it was starting to get stuck in car doors and to be a little too Rapunzel from Tangled for me… but all of this was completely intentional! (The length I mean… not the car doors part.) You may be wondering… why on earth would I grow my hair so long?

I had even longer hair when I was in 8th grade. I could literally sit on it! When I started talking about cutting it, I had a bunch of people suggest that I donate it, and I loved that idea! However, at that point in time, my hair wasn’t really healthy. I got all the damaged hair cut off before starting high school and I started the process of growing my hair out all over again.

I kept my hair about the same length throughout high school as I got better and better at taking care of it. After starting college, I decided that I would grow it out until it was long enough that I could finally donate and I’d just get trims occasionally to keep split ends at bay.


Bowtiful Life Pantene Beautiful Lengths 3


Over my spring break, I cut off eight, healthy inches for Pantene Beautiful Lengths!!! I still was able to keep a decent amount on my head, which made me really happy because I love having long hair. I understand how important and personal hair can be, so this was another reason that donating was so important to me.

I did quite a bit of research ahead of time when it came to the various programs that I could donate my hair to. I’ve heard so many negative things about Locks of Love and the most reliable and seemingly honest program that I found was Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They also only required 8 inches of hair, so I would be able to cut my hair sooner than I’d originally planned!


Bowtiful Life Pantene Beautiful Lengths 4


I was so nervous about chopping off so much hair in one fell swoop, but I’m so happy that I did it! It warms my heart to know that my hair will go to a girl who’s currently battling cancer and that it will have the chance to make her life a little bit better during such a difficult time.


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I’m so happy that I was able to donate to this amazing cause!

To find out more about Pantene Beautiful Lengths and their #8or8 program, check out their site: HERE.


Bowtiful Life Pantene Beautiful Lengths

I hope you’re all having an amazing week! All my love ♥


  • Wow, that’s so awesome. Your new haircut looks great!

  • What a good cause!! Honestly, I didn’t even realize your hair was cut!! I would love to have hair that long!!! It looks amazing!

    • You are so sweet, Bailey! Thank you! 🙂
      I’ve actually had a few friends do a double take after being around me for a bit and then suddently realizing that I cut my hair! It feels super different and it’s a big change to me, but I like that it’s subtle to others and that my hair went to this fantastic cause! xo

  • Molly Crome

    Your sweet grandma would be so proud as she lost her hair during treatment…she was so brave and kept her sense of humor throughout.