5 Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following

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Snapchat is becoming more and more popular as a form of social media rather than just as a way of communicating. To be honest, I LOVE it!

At first, the app started out as a way to share “snaps” with friends through photos that would disappear after a few seconds. Then, celebrities started creating accounts and letting their fans follow their “My Story.” Since then, various brands have even come to embrace Snapchat as a valuable marketing tool.

Most importantly, now we can all swap faces with our friends and vomit rainbows thanks to Snapchat’s goofy filters! (Priorities. Am I right?)

But back to what I said about celebrities sharing their “My Story” …


Not only do celebrities have their own public accounts so that fans can see what they’re up to, bloggers have also turned to the tool as an easy way to have a direct and more personal connection with their readers!

I use Snapchat all the time, both for personal use and for sharing the behind the scenes side of Bowtiful Life. (Feel free to add me through my username, bowtifullife, or scan my snap code at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar of my site!)

One of the biggest reasons I like Snapchat is due to how much more personal of a platform it is. I feel like you get a window into someone’s world when you take a peek at their “My Story.” Some of my favorite accounts to follow (besides my friends, of course) are bloggers, photographers, celebrities and other individuals associated with the fashion world or anything artsy!


Here are 5 of the accounts that I enjoy following:

– Elaine Welteroth (@elainewelteroth): Elaine works for Teen Vogue and her snaps are not only informative about new beauty trends, but they’re also hilarious! She seems like she’d be a super fun person to be friends with.

– Jason M. Peterson (@jasonmpeterson): Jason is the chief creative officer for Havas Worldwide and he has one of the most on-point Instagram themes I’ve ever seen. I love having the chance to see the snap story of someone so successful in a field that I’m interested in.

– Julia Engel (@galmeetsglam): Julia is one of my favorite bloggers and she and her husband are the cutest! They travel to so many cool places and they share a lot of it on her Snapchat.

Kiel James Patrick (@kieljp): KJP is who I and many others consider to be the East Coast King of Prep. He’s awesome and his brand is incredibly cool as well.

Kylie Jenner (@kylizzlemynizzl): I’m really not a Kardashian fan, but Kylie’s snapchat is so interesting to watch. It gives you a glimpse inside their crazy and lavish life which I find incredibly fascinating.


Make sure you’re following me on Snapchat to get behind the scenes content for Bowtiful Life, a peek into my daily life and plenty of snaps of me being way too goofy. I swear, I’m funny sometimes. 😉

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What’s your favorite Snapchat account to follow?