Why I’m Glad I Went Greek

It’s official. Tomorrow kicks off Panhellenic recruitment at Loyola University Chicago! I am SO excited to be on the recruiting side once again this year and to meet so many amazing PNMs (potential new members)! When I rushed back in Fall 2013 I had so much fun and I found my home in the Lambda Mu chapter of Chi Omega!

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I’m asked recruitment questions, quite regularly, by girls I know personally and by my readers. Their questions vary from “What’s the best sorority?” to “How will I know that I’ve found the best fit?” to “What should I wear/say?”

The best advice I can give to anyone rushing:

– Be yourself! If you aren’t acting like YOU, then you won’t necessarily find the right organization.

– Pay attention to where you feel most comfortable and to when you feel like you really click with the members of a chapter!

– Ask your Recruitment Guide any questions you have! When I rushed, they were called “Rho Gammas” and now they’re referred to as “Recruitment Guides.” Your RGs are there to help you through this process!

– Follow your heart, not your friends. Pay attention to where YOU feel a connection. Even if you and your friends choose other chapters, you can still be friends (I promise)!


A few of the things that membership in Loyola’s Panhellenic system has brought me:

1. Friends

I am ridiculously grateful for all of the amazing friends that I have made from being in Greek life! I’m lucky to have friends in each of the sororities on campus and I can honestly say that there really isn’t discrimination between the Panhellenic organizations at Loyola.

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2. Philanthropy

I’ve been incredibly lucky to partake in the fundraising for Make-a-Wish that my chapter has done in these last two and a half years! (We raised over $30,000 dollars this year!) We also participate in the fundraising events that other chapters host for their philanthropies!



3. A Second Family

I am so grateful for the family that I have made in Chi Omega and Panhellenic. Not only my Greek family (Big, Twin, Little, etc.), but for all of the girls that I am so lucky to call my sisters.

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4. Professional & Social Opportunities

Almost half of the lovely ladies that I work with are Chi Omegas! They’re not even from my chapter, they went to other schools! Additionally, almost every single one of my coworkers were in Greek life. Last semester, I got to meet a recruiter from LinkedIn because she was a Chi Omega alum and I picked up a babysitting job this summer because the mom was a Chi Omega! Being in the Greek system also brings about constant social opportunities with your sisters in you chapter and with girls in other chapters!


To the ladies rushing this weekend,

good luck & GO GREEK!

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