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Let’s be honest here, I’m a bit of a Target junkie. I go in for one thing and then 20 minutes later I find myself in line to check out with three more things that I discovered while roaming around. There are a few sections that I always hit up whenever I set foot in Target: office supplies, the dollar section (I’ve found some great stationery there!), the women’s clothing section, and the beauty aisles. Whenever I walk through beauty, I’m always overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options when it comes to every kind of product you could imagine, especially when it comes to skincare.

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I’m really not one for new year’s resolutions… I’m not the best at keeping them, at least. However, one of my resolutions this year is to take better care of my skin by hydrating and moisturizing more. In other words, to drink more water and find products that agree with my skin and really make a difference in how it looks and feels. I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I also want to make sure that what I’m putting on my skin, especially my face, does more good than harm.

A “new-to-me” brand, derma e, recently launched their line at Target and released a brand new product, Firming DMAE Eye Lift, which specifically targets (mini pun there) a bunch of the under-eye issues that lead to looking far more tired than you actually are. Given the fact that I never sleep enough, I can use all the help I can get. I got to try it out as well as a bunch of the other derma e products that have launched at Target, and I love them! One of my favorite aspects of the products and brand, beyond the visual change in my skin that I have noticed, is the fact that derma e uses what they call “Green Chemistry,” a term that’s explained below in the derma e story.

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You may be thinking, “She’s only 20, why’s she so concerned about her skin at this point in her life?” I’d rather set myself up to have healthy skin in the long term, rather than just starting to pay attention to it once I need to combat any issues. For as long as I can remember, part of my mom’s night routine has included skincare, and I never really got it until recently. I’d think to myself, “Why’s she putting all this stuff on her face?” As I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed the slight changes that take place in my skin when I’m not taking good care of it, which led me to my resolution this year!

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The next time that you’re at Target and want to try out something new, check out derma e in the beauty section and #NoticeTheLotus!

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