Robert Joffrey’s Final Nutcracker

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Last night, I went to the Auditorium Theatre with my friend, Alex, and got to experience the Joffrey Ballet performing The Nutcracker! I’ve gone to see The Nutcracker on multiple occasions in past years, but there was something especially special about this time around…

What I Wore


This season, The Joffrey Ballet is celebrating 60 years as a company and this is the final season that they’ll be performing the Robert Joffrey version of The Nutcracker, which was first performed in 1987 in Iowa City. This ballet is especially near and dear to my heart as a dancer because it was the first ballet I ever saw (at age 5!). I started taking ballet classes when I was three years old and continued doing so through my freshman year of high school. Even to this day, every time that I hear the overture for The Nutcracker start to play, I get ridiculously excited and I’m taken back to the very first time I ever saw the Joffrey perform. I can honestly say that it’s been a truly magical experience each and every time.


This year, the show was incredible as always. My favorite part of the ballet is always The Kingdom of Sweets, specifically the Tea from China (oh my gosh, those jumps!) and the Nougats from Russia (turns for days). Additionally, Cara Marie Grey was absolutely remarkable as the Sugar Plum Fairy and Amanda Assucena did an absolutely gorgeous job as Coffee from Arabia. Needless to say, this year was an absolutely amazing experience.

Next year, The Joffrey will be performing a brand new version of The Nutcracker. The choreography is being done by Christopher Wheeldon, a Tony Award Winning choreographer and I sense that there will be big changes, but I’m SO excited to see how it all turns out!

A MASSIVE thank you to Alex for bringing me with her!

Joffrey Face in the Hole 2

 Have you ever seen The Nutcracker?