Lighting Up the Night at The Morton Arboretum – Illuminations

On Sunday night I went to the Morton Arboretum with my family and Matt to attend the Arboretum’s holiday lights event, Illuminations! My parents actually gave me a membership to the Arboretum for Christmas this year, so it was fun getting to go and use that for the first time!

Bowtiful Life Illuminations 9

It was quite chilly that evening, but the lights were so pretty! I had a great time walking around to see all the colorful displays in addition to having a chance to play around with my favorite Christmas present from this year, a Canon DSLR! I’m still figuring all the settings out, but I’m pretty happy with how my photos turned out! Throughout this post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite shots from the evening.

Bowtiful Life Illuminations 6

They had numerous warming tents and concession stands along the way to keep everyone happy and cozy. There were also a few fire pits set up as well.

Bowtiful Life Illuminations 5

Bowtiful Life Illuminations 1

Bowtiful Life Illuminations 4

These chandeliers hanging in the woods were definitely my favorite part of the evening! There was something so incredibly magical about the atmosphere in that part of the Arboretum. I felt like I was in a Taylor Swift music video… and I loved it!

Bowtiful Life Illuminations 8 Bowtiful Life Illuminations 7Bowtiful Life Illuminations 3 Bowtiful Life Illuminations 2

Have you ever gone to Illuminations, or something similar?