Tangled – Halloween ’15

I hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic Halloween and Halloweekend! This year, I went as Rapunzel from Tangled and it was a simple, but incredibly fun costume! (It helps when a major part of your costume is already growing out of your head.)
Bowtiful Life Tangledlantern-scene-in-tangled

I borrowed the dress from a friend, got a Pascal stuffed animal and pinned it onto my shoulder, braided my hair, and used bobby pins with scrapbooking flowers attached to them. Then I threw on some jewelry to complete the look (necklaceearringsbracelet) and a pair of black tights and booties since it was so chilly this weekend!

Bowtiful Life Tangled 2
On Thursday, my sorority had a Halloween mixer with Sigma Chi. There were lots of great costumes, but some of my favorites were definitely the pineapple costume that my friend Anna wore (shown below) and the grape costume that one of my sisters put together.
 Bowtiful Life Tangled 6
 Bowtiful Life Tangled 3
Gotta love Disney!
Bowtiful Life Tangled 5 Bowtiful Life Tangled 4
I had a great Halloween weekend this year and I hope all of you did as well! 
What did you dress up as?