UNIQLO Chicago Train Takeover

Hey lovelies, happy Sunday! I decided to postpone my usual Friday post until today so that I could tell you all about the super fun event that I got to attend on Friday for UNIQLO!

If you saw some of the snapchats I posted on Friday (and if you’re not already following me on Snapchat, my username is BowtifulLife) then you have a bit of an idea as to just how much fun this event was!

UNIQLO is coming to Chicago and opening a store on Michigan Avenue, right above Topshop, on October 23rd! To celebrate, they took over a few train cars on the L and held a mini party! There was a live DJ, dancers in each car, presents, and prizes. It was about a 20-30 minute ride and it was a ton of fun! The atmosphere was incredibly energetic and excitement was almost vibrating through the air! They decked out the train car with lanterns and other decor and it was a great little break in the middle of my Friday.

Will you be stopping by for the grand opening on the 23rd?