Thanks, Summer!

Yesterday morning, I packed all of my belongings into my family’s car and headed off to Loyola to get settled into the dorms for a third time. At this point, I am happy to say that I’m all moved in and I’m really excited for all that this year has in store!
This past week has been absolutely crazy busy. I’ve been saying goodbye to people who are going abroad for a semester (or two), getting ready to move into the dorms, training for my new job, and wrapping up the remaining “we should hang out this summer” plans with friends. My summer has come to a close, but man, has it been a great one!
This summer I spent my time with amazing friends, met lots of new and interesting people, traveled to places I’d never visited before, and more. I can truly say that this summer was one for the books and I will be forever grateful for all of the amazing experiences I had.
Thanks Summer 2015, you were pretty darn great. Fall 2015? Here I come!