Classy & Clean with Pottery Barn Dorm

As most of you are well aware, I really enjoy bright colors, especially in decorating! (However, if you weren’t aware, check out my colorful freshman and sophomore dorm room posts.) I also absolutely love white interior design!!! There’s something so fresh and clean about all white, or at least primarily white, decor. When it comes to decorating, the icing on the cake for me is throwing in some gold metallic accents and colorful elements to keep the space bright and fun!

When decorating smaller spaces, like a dorm room, I’ve found that if you use lots of white and bright colors it helps to make the space look a little bit bigger, brighter, and homey.

On Pottery Barn‘s dorm section of their website, they have so many great options for creating a bright white themed space with fun accents for contrast! I’ve listed a few of my favorites below:

The comforter or duvet is a very important aspect of a dorm room because it acts as a blank (or patterned) canvas to start off with when you’re designing the rest of your room! Pottery Barn has some great duvets (with over 1000 bedding prints, patterns and colors to choose from) starting at only $39 as well as discounted, pre-made bedding bundles to take care of all your basics in one fell swoop.

Now as for the details, accent pillows can make or break a space. If you use too many and they don’t go together, then they’re excess clutter. However, if you use the right amount for the space and go with a coordinating color scheme then they become pieces of a cohesive set. I’m especially in love with the Chicago Pillow and Chi O pillow above. So perfect! Throw blankets are also a great addition to your bed for a little bit more color and warmth.

The final accent, and probably my favorite, is wall decor! I love gallery walls and I think they add one of the most personal touches possible to a room! The gold dots I’ve linked above are a great addition to any blank white wall for some fun color without going too crazy.I’m so excited to decorate my room for my junior year and I’ll definitely be using plenty of white, gold, and bright colors! How will you style your room?

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