Wrapped In Memories – Project Repat

Recently, I did a massive round of spring cleaning and I realized just how many t shirts I had from various activities and events I’ve been involved in so far in my lifetime. I found shirts from grade school, summer reading programs, dance studios, high school, homecomings and spirit weeks, dance team, sorority events, dance recitals, and college tees. The sheer amount of t-shirts I owned, and rarely wore, was honestly astonishing and I had no clue what I would do with them, until I heard about Project Repat.

Project Repat takes your favorite t-shirts and turns them into a quilt full of memories and backed with recycled Polartec fleece. One of my favorite things about Project Repat is that all of their quilts are assembled in the USA! The turnaround time was incredibly fast (typically 2-3 weeks, with a rush option) which I was really impressed by. I absolutely love my new quilt and it’s super cozy!
  I chose to focus on using shirts from high school for my quilt since those four years were so packed with memories and fun times. Each shirt tells a story and brings me back to a certain day, event, piece of music, poms practice, dance competition, etc. I’m so glad that I now have a functional way to display all these memories and pieces of my personal history.
(left to right)
Row 1: 2013 spring dance concert, UDA North Shore Dance Challenge 2010, UDA Nationals 2012, team tee
Row 2: spirit week 2009, 2012 spring dance concert, spirit week 2010, UDA North Shore Dance Challenge 2010
Row 3: class of 2013, poms team tank, 2011 spring dance concert, class of 2013
Row 4: spirit week 2012, UDA Nationals 2012, UDA Nationals finalist, UDA competition 2010
Row 5: UDA competition 2010, Halloween Dance tee, spring dance concert 2010, poms camp 
Row 6: spirit week 2009, spirit week 2010, spirit week 2011, spirit week 2012
I went with the twin size quilt (24 shirts) and got it backed with black Polartec fleece.

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Which of your t-shirts would you use in your quilt?

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  • Such a adorable idea! Perfect for college!

    Sophia B.

  • Isn't it?! I'm planning on bringing my quilt back to campus in the fall!