Visit the Shedd Aquarium for Free

This week I went the Shedd Aquarium on one of their free Illinois resident days!
Funny story though… we didn’t know it was a discount day until we were already halfway through the (massive) line outside… whoops! It was great getting in for free, but the line was crazy long and it was super crowded inside. However, regardless of it being so busy, it was a lot of fun and I’d definitely suggest one of these days if you’re looking for a fun and free summer afternoon activity in Chicago!

Things you should know before you go on a “free” day…
1. You will be waiting in line outside for quite a while, so bring sunscreen and water if it’s a hot and sunny day. I think we waited in line for about 30-40 minutes.
2. Your free pass will only get you into the galleries on the main floor, so if you want to see dolphins, otters, or any of the shows you’ll have to pay extra for a wristband for those sections!
3. It might be best to avoid going in bigger groups. There were a ton of people there when I visited and it was difficult just sticking with the one other person I went with.
4. Make sure you take a walk around outside when you’re done! You can get an amazing view of the skyline from the pier behind the building and the front steps of the aquarium itself!
The final two Illinois resident days this summer are June 15th & 16th and then the next ones are in September! Do you think you’ll be heading to the Shedd for one of these days?