Reliable Reds – Top 10 Red Lip Products

Today’s post is a continuation of my patriotic posting in anticipation of the upcoming holiday on Saturday! I love wearing red lipstick for formal events, but I also love wearing it “just because!” Last year on the 4th, I wore this shade and I got tons of compliments throughout the day (and I didn’t have to re-apply it, not even once!). When you’re wearing a bold color like red, you don’t want your lipstick, gloss, stain, etc. to be half on half off as the day goes on, because let’s be honest, that’s not a good look for anyone! That being said, I’ve put together list of my top ten favorite products for whenever I feel like sporting a red lip. Each of these was chosen for a different reason. For some, it was strictly based on the shade itself, others were chosen for their staying power, some were picked because they’re especially moisturizing, and some were chosen because they possess several of these qualities. All of them are linked below!
Do you have a favorite product for whenever you’re rocking a red lip? Let me know below!
  • Great post! I was looking for something to give my outfit an extra red accent piece and this is perfect!

    Sophia B.

  • Thank you, Sophia! A red lip is one of my favorite accents to add for a bit of extra color with any outfit! xo