My Colorful Sophomore Dorm

I moved out of my sophomore dorm two and a half weeks ago and I already miss it! It’s certainly nice to have my own room again, but I loved the way we decorated our dorm this year. My roommates and I added personal touches on pretty much every wall and I contributed a lot of color Lilly Pulitzer to the room. We all added our own style to the decor so we had a nice mixing pot of everyone’s taste in the room as a whole.
I absolutely loved having my bed lofted this year! Not only did I junior loft it, I also used these risers that I bought last year. (One of them has an outlet in it, so no crawling under your bed to plug in your chargers!) My bed was high enough that I was able to put my hamper, shoes, and dresser underneath with room to spare! I was also able to store my nail polish, perfumes, and any hair products on top of my dresser which saved a ton of space in other parts of the room.

We bought this futon secondhand from one of my sorority sisters at the very beginning of the year and it was so incredibly helpful whenever we had company over. We had the lights up all year, but added the garland at Christmastime and then never took it down because it was so festive! Our coatrack, hiding behind the brick pillar, came from Target.
One of the greatest parts of our dorm this year was that we had a real kitchen!!! The number of times we made breakfast foods (especially crepes, pancakes, and eggs) or pasta in this kitchen is just too high to count. Naturally, we still had our trusty Keurig in service just like last year! My Little, Mollie, gave me the “death before decaf” wall art for ΧΩ Big Appreciation Week. (She knows me too well.)
Our desks this year had a built-in bulletin board which was super helpful when it came to decorating. I wish I could say that it looked this clean all year… whoops! I think my favorite thing I had posted was the watercolor on the far right which says “First your name is on a diploma. Then it’s on the side of a building.”
One big difference about our room this year was that we didn’t have real closets. Instead, we had these armoires which we covered up with a pressure rod and curtain for a cleaner look!
I used 3m hooks for easy access to all of my necklaces.
This year, I sat on my bed quite a bit when I was doing homework or blogging. It was such a cozy and colorful nook to spend time in! I posted details about my gallery wall earlier in the year, but I made all the canvases myself and printed the photos from Tumblr and Pinterest. As for the banner, I made it out of the Lilly Pulitzer print pages from my 2013 agenda!
One question I get asked quite regularly is where I purchased my duvet cover and what size it is. I ordered the duvet cover and monogram pillow from Garnet Hill and the duvet cover is the twin size. It fits the twin XL beds at school just fine!
I hope you had fun taking a peek at my Sophomore dorm room! You can check out my post from freshman year right here detailing my colorful freshman dorm.
Feel free to shoot me an email, write a tweet, leave a comment, or send me a Tumblr message if you have questions about where I got anything else! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
  • This is super helpful, I'm going into my freshman year of college this fall and your dorm looks so cute and fun!

    Caiti // Shutterblush

  • Hi Megan! I'm a new blogger and actually just uploaded a blog post about me making the flag banner from old Lilly Pulitzer planner print pages called "Getting Crafty: Dorm Room Wall Decor"! I was inspired when I saw you do it in this post and wanted to let you know how much I love your blog 🙂

  • Thank you so much, Caiti! Hope you have an amazing year! xo

  • Hi Monique! I'm so happy it inspired you and thank you so much!!! You are too sweet! <3