Lilly Pulitzer 2015-2016 Agendas

It’s that wonderful time of year when anyone with a love for Lilly Pulitzer and for organization has to decide what style and print agenda to buy for the upcoming year! Lilly just released the prints and styles of their 2015-2016 agendas for pre-order and they’re as fabulous as ever!
For the past three years, I’ve been using Lilly’s jumbo agenda and it’s been a great fit thus far. However, this past year I kept track of more and more things in my iPhone calendar, so I wasn’t using my Lilly agenda anywhere near as much as I used to and it was primarily for keeping track of homework assignments rather than social engagements.
Lilly’s Lagoon // Tusk In Sun // Pink Lemonade // Wild Confetti
This year I’m seriously debating, especially given print options, as to which style agenda I’m going to pre-order! I’m really tempted to switch it up and get a medium agenda instead of the jumbo because it would be so much easier to carry around all the time and I like the medium print options better.
What size agenda is your favorite and why? Also, which style and print to your plan on pre-ordering this year? I’m currently between Lilly’s Lagoon and Pink Lemonade, but I’m still deciding!
  • The prints are amazing this year! I preordered mine in Tusk in Sun in a large!

    Caiti // shutterblush

  • I just pre-ordered the Large agenda in Wild Confetti! So cute!

  • Caroline Grace

    I ordered that exact same one! Twins!!

  • Dee

    I ordered Tusk In Sun in medium.