Teen Vogue Fashion University – NYC Day 2

It’s time to recap the first full day of Teen Vogue Fashion University activities in NYC!!! 
Friendly disclaimer: I wanted to make sure that I put the time and effort into this post that it truly deserved which is why it’s going up so much later than I originally expected! This is what happens when you’re a full-time college student who’s also running a fashion and lifestyle blog while balancing that with a full weekend of sorority initiations, attempting to get enough sleep, battling a cold, and having 37 pages worth of notes and quotes from an amazing whirlwind TVFU weekend. Thanks for bearing with me and being so patient! I hope you all enjoy this post! 🙂

Early Saturday morning,  my friend Mary and I got up, ate a massive breakfast, and headed out from our hotel towards the World Trade Center. As we stood in line, we started chatting with the other TVFU “students” (attendees) and the networking just began there!

After getting through the security line, Mary and I split off for our first class lectures since I was in the “Edit/PR/Social” major and she was “Business of Fashion”.

When all of us walked into the room for the first talk, there were reversible, faux leather, Express tote bags waiting for us on all of the chairs, which were filled with fun goodies including an Em lip balm, Cinderella movie promo items, Teen Vogue pencils and notepads, as well as other favors! I am in love with the tote bag and have been using it like crazy ever since.

My first speaker was YouTube sensation, Michelle Phan. Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Amy Astley, interviewed Michelle and moderated the Q&A session afterwards. Michelle was so incredibly sweet and she gave off an incredibly calm and relaxed vibe the entire time. Two of my favorite quotes from her talk were:
“If you have vision, determination to do what you love most, DO IT.”

“Instagram has changed the (online) space with photos, Twitter has changed it with words.”

Here’s a recap of the rest of my day:

Brian Phillips and Juliana Ribeiro from Black Frame

“Influence is about changing people’s minds and getting them to think a certain way”

After her presentation she shared an “In Summary” slide with us, featuring this information:
– never stop exploring and being inspired
– be consistent and find a unique style
– tell stories only you can tell
– cultivate community
– don’t forget to make it Instagrammy


She took a picture of some of the students from her lecture, including me, and put it on her Instagram! Teen Vogue also put up an Instagram of her taking that Instagram, so I was on the Teen Vogue Instagram!!!


{because fashionistas gotta eat}

Teen Vogue Editor’s Panel
featuring Amy Astley, Drew Elovitz, Elaine Welteroth, Erin Kaplan, and Dana Mathews

“If you don’t want to read the press release, neither will your readers.”

Mickey Rapkin – The Author of Pitch Perfect and journalist
“People don’t treat you with respect if you don’t treat yourself with respect”

“Don’t let anyone tell you no… Just do it…. Put in the work.”

Mix & Mingle w/ Teen Vogue Staff

All the students had a chance to munch on some snacks and hang out with the Teen Vogue staff at the end of the day. I reconnected with people I’d met earlier in the day and had some great conversations about the talks we’d all gone to as well as learning more about where everyone was from, what they liked to do, etc. This first full day was absolutely exhausting, but it was so worth it! I had an amazing time hearing all of the fabulous speakers and meeting so many inspiring individuals. I can honestly say that this was one of the busiest but most fun days I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful for the experience and the friendships that formed as a result!

One more Fashion U recap covering our “graduation” speaker Erika Bearman, AKA Oscar PR Girl, will be coming to the blog soon, so keep an eye out for that post!