Introducing Brink

Hey lovelies, happy Wednesday! Today, I’m excited to tell you about a project I’ve been working on this semester as a part of my communications major at Loyola University Chicago! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been retweeting an account called @BrinkLUC on Twitter in the last few months… 
Brink is that project!
This semester I’ve been working with a fantastic team of five other students to write, run, and promote a blog for our Communication and New Media class! It has been such a pleasure working with Tara, Alison, Bre’Anna, Peter, and Grace to create high quality content that we’re all proud of. I was truly blessed with incredibly hardworking groupmates and together we have a really well-balanced set of skills which has helped our blog immensely.
Our blog, Brink, is focused on Loyola students who are doing things that are either out of the ordinary or inspirational (#brinkspirational) and highlighting these successes as well as telling our readers how they can get themselves #onthebrink of success. My personal favorite aspect of the whole blog is our #5YearsFromNow hashtag. For this section, we ask each person we feature where they want to be 5 years from now. The responses are always really interesting and it’s cool to hear what my fellow Ramblers are interested in doing with their lives and careers in the future!
The year is coming to a close, waaaaay faster than I thought it would, but we still have some more posts going up before we finish up! I’d love it if you’d all go take a peek at the blog and our social media accounts. (I’m our Audience Engagement Coordinator so running all of social media has been one of my main focuses with Brink!) Comment on a post or two, like us on Facebooktweet us, check out our Instagram, take a look at our Youtube channel. Have fun!
What do you think of Brink? Sound off in the comments!