The Newest Waldorf – Meet My Little!

A few weeks ago, my sorority, Chi Omega, had Big/Little week and I finally got my Little who I’ve been anxiously waiting for all semester!!! My family’s “family name” or “nickname” is Waldorf because my Big, Twin, and I are all Gossip Girl obsessed and Blair is our favorite character.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Waldorf Family…
my absolutely amazing and incredibly sweet Little, 

{Lucy (my Big), myself, & Mollie (my Little!!!)}

I got a call Sunday night of Big/Little week and was told that Mollie was my Little. I totally did a happy dance in the corner of the library while I was taking the call and one of my sisters captured this snapchat when I went back to our study room… I couldn’t contain my excitement!

{snapchat: BowtifulLife}

Mollie and I first met last semester when we had a drawing class together, so I was super excited to see her during rush this semester and then I was absolutely ecstatic when we got our bid list and I found out she’d gone Chi O! Mollie is a sophomore and is from the suburbs, like me, and she’s Pre-Med! Our high schools actually played football against each other all the time. Small world, right?
Apparently, I didn’t throw Mollie off at all during the week and she guessed that I was her Big after the first day! According to one of my sisters, all my crafts and gifts throughout the week (more on those later) were “way too MRR” to not be from me… Whoops! 😉

We did a puzzle themed reveal this year, so I crafted a valentine-style card for her to find and I held on to the missing piece of the heart, which is how she learned that I was, in fact, her Big!

“My lovely Little Mollie,
You’ve stolen a piece of my heART and now I’ve stolen a piece of yours! Find the piece that fits and we can finally be the COMPLETELY perfect Big and Little pair

(I wanted to throw in a pun about meeting last semester in an art class, hence ART being capitalized.)

You could say that we were both pretty excited at reveal!

 I’m so incredibly blessed to have such a perfect Little, love ya Mollie! 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post about the fun gifts and crafts from Big/Little week!

P.S. Two of my blogger friends Dorothy and Amy just got their Littles too! Be sure to go check out their posts about Big/Little for Kappa Delta and Kappa Alpha Theta at their schools, every school and sorority does the week differently!