Big Little Week

I posted earlier this week about my fabulous Little, Mollie! Now that reveal is over, I can finally share the fun crafts and gifts I gave her during Big/Little week! You have no idea how badly I wanted to post some of these crafts on Instagram right after I made them, but Mollie was already following me, so she’d have known immediately after getting her presents that I was her Big! Patience is a virtue. I’m so excited to finally share everything with all of you and show off a few of the crafts that I had a blast making!

Each day, I put Mollie’s gift inside of one of these gold polka dot bags so she could go into the classroom where the Littles were picking up their gifts and easily find her gift for the day in the sea of gifts for all of the other Littles!

Day 1
Sprinkles cupcakes // Whole Foods owl tote // Starbucks gift card // Sprinkles stickers // owl cupcake liners

Day 2
If I Were an Owl” (a family heirloom & joke) // “two words” Gossip Girl – inspired canvas (made by my Big!) // gold sparkly bow // Lilly canvas (also an heirloom) // personalized Lilly “lobstah roll” ornament // tank (not shown)

Day 3
Lilly “you gotta regatta” letters // “womanly always” canvas // letter jersey // Lilly frame // Chi Omega notepad

Day 4
owl necklace & earrings // “Swoops” the owl Beanie Boo // winking owl bag // Lilly bangle // owl bow (in Make a Wish colors!) // owl canvas // ribbon

Day 5 – REVEAL!
Lilly tote // headband  (since we’re the Waldorf Family)// candy hearts (not shown) // valentine reveal “puzzle”

I also threw some candy and Nutella single serves into the gift bags on some of the days, because who doesn’t love a sweet treat!?
Now I’m off to go make myself a pair of those Lilly letters, I absolutely loved how they turned out!
Are you in a sorority? I’d love to hear how you crafted for your Little and how Big/Little week works at your school!
  • Ahh these are so adorable! I'm actually getting my Big next week, so I can't wait to see what surprises she has in store for me. I LOVE your crafts, and the Chi O Lilly print is so cute!

  • Ahh Mollie is one lucky Little, I love all of the crafts you made for her!! A friend of mine actually has that same Lilly tote and gave one to her little as well, what a funny coincidence! I'm not in a sorority, but every time I see a post like this, I want to go join one!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster