Friday Five

Happy Friday, lovelies!!! This week has been crazy busy and felt really, really long. In all honesty, it’s been a teeny tiny bit stressful balancing everything in my schedule, especially getting enough sleep. Regardless, it’s finally Friday which I am so incredibly happy about! Here are five things I’ve had on my radar this week and wanted to share with all of you.


1. SNOW! It snowed so much this week!!! Monday classes around Chicago were canceled almost everyone, but we still had school. There’s really no such thing as a snow day for us! However, my downtown morning class was canceled and I was able to relax in the morning and grab brunch. Later that day I trekked through the snow to my afternoon classes on campus.

2. I’m in crafting crunch time right now! I get my Little in just over a week so I’ve been busy with that in addition to everything else I’ve been up to recently.

3. I’m absolutely loving Kate Spade’s charm shop! I was scrolling through their site this week during some down time when I saw the collection for the first time. I’ve always been a big fan of charm bracelets and the ones that they’re making are all adorable! I think these three are my favorite charms (1)(2)(3) and this is my favorite of the bracelets.

4.  J.Crew has lots of fun new arrivals right now. I’m especially loving this bracelet! I think it’s so fun and unique, but still has a classy look to it. I added it to my wish list on Pinterest.

5. Lastly, check out these cool pictures of an art exhibit in Texas that I found through Tumblr! I also found a video of the exhibit. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Those are my Friday Five for this week, TGIF!