Throwback Thursday – Fall Recruitment 2013

On September 22nd, 2013 I joined a sorority after going through two hectic weekends of meeting and greeting so many absolutely amazing girls from the various Panhellenic sororities on my campus. I approached the end of the whole process with so much anticipation, a little bit of stress, and a whole lot of relief that those incredibly packed weekends of recruitment were almost over. Even with the craziness of the whole process, recruitment was such a blast and bid day was a HUGE highlight of my freshman year!
Flash forward to now, January 2015. Recruitment is approximately one week away and I’m so excited! This year, our Greek system switched to deferred recruitment, so we’re doing “spring recruitment” even though it’s in January while snow and slush cover the ground, and temperatures are in the teens. That’s Chicago for you! 😉 Waiting for recruitment has built up even more anticipation for me and I’m so excited! I get to be on the opposite side of where I was last year, and I get to do so along with the girls from my rush class. Fondly referred to as “The Gamma Gals” since we’re Chi Omega Lambda Mu‘s Gamma class, this will be our first time recruiting, and many of us will be getting a Little (a new member of the sorority who becomes our little sister) this semester!
I’m so excited to turn the tables, have a whole new recruitment experience, and potentially meet my future Little next weekend!
Go Greek!!!
  • Recruitment is an absolutely amazing time! This past fall was my first time being on the other side of recruitment and I absolutely loved it! Along with recruitment, getting a Little was the highlight of my semester! Get ready to have such an exciting semester!

    Hayden Lee

  • Hope recruitment was a blast! It's always crazy, but well worth it!

    The Daily Dil-emma ||