Three Years Later

On January 20th, 2012 I put up my first blog post here on Bowtiful Life. Since then, what started out as a fun side project during a rough patch of my junior year in high school has turned into one of my greatest passions and accomplishments. It’s crazy when I stop and think about how long I’ve been blogging for and how much my life has changed in these past three years. When I started this blog, I would never have been able to imagine myself where I am now. I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet and work with so many amazing people and companies as well as having the chance to grow as a blogger, writer, thinker, photographer, and person.

I am so grateful for the wonderful experience I’ve had thus far as well as the constant outpouring of support from friends, family, fellow bloggers, and classmates as well as many people whom I’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting. I always get the biggest smile on my face when I’m going through emails from my readers or scrolling through the many kind and sweet comments and messages that are left on my various social media accounts. I have been incredibly blessed and I cannot fully express the magnitude of my gratitude. I wouldn’t be where I am or the person I am today without all of you. Thank you! ♥
photos by Ola Wysocki

What I Wore

top {similar}  –  pixie pants  –  boots  –  necklace ℅  –  earrings  –  watch  –  bracelets (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)  –

Here’s to another wonderful year! Stay bowtiful, lovelies!

  • Happy Blog Anniversary! You have such a fantastic blog, and I am so glad you have kept it for 3 years! All of the best wishes for you in the future!

    Sophia B.

  • So inspirational!! Love the blog and love how you stuck with it!!


  • Congratulations, this is so inspiring!

  • Happy Bloggiversary! I love the gold ballon- such a fun way to celebrate!

    The Daily Dil-emma ||