Lilly for Target

Yesterday, Lilly Pulitzer made an exciting announcement on their Instagram!
Lilly Pulitzer and Target are collaborating to release a “250-piece collection which includes apparel, accessories and shoes for women and girls, as well as home accents, outdoor entertaining accessories, beach gear, travel essentials and more.” The collection will feature 15 exclusive prints and will be sold at all Target locations in Canada and the US as well as online after the collection officially launches April 19th, 2015! I am so incredibly excited as I love both Lilly Pulitzer and Target. I’m curious to see how the prices range as well as what the quality of the clothing is like and how it matches up to the usual (fantastic) Lilly quality. I think that this collaboration was a great move on both Lilly and Target’s parts because it’s going to help bring more business to both of them as well as expand their customer demographics. People who don’t usually shop at Target might stop in because they love Lilly, and people who’ve never heard of Lilly will come across it while shopping at Target. I’m looking forward to April 19th and you can bet that I’ll be heading to a store to check out the collection as soon as it releases!
Stay updated by following @lillyfortarget on Instagram and check out Target’s “A Bullseye View” blog for lots of pictures and more details from the official preview yesterday!
What’s your opinion on this collaboration? Do you plan on shopping the collection?
  • I'm really excited for it! For about half a second I questioned it, but it really is such a good move. It'll make Lilly more accessible for new customers, and let us long time fans expand our collections. I really like the incorporation of the pom pom trend on the scarves and shorts as well, it wouldn't be true to the regular line (in my opinion) but looks really great! I'm looking forward to investing in some housewares to make my dorm more colorful.

  • I couldn't be more excited for this!!! I need to start saving ASAP 🙂