Happy New Year!
Enter the numerous social media statuses and posts about resolutions, goals, changes, working out more often, eating healthier, and wiping slates clean.
Now don’t get me wrong! Power and props to anyone who has major goals and aspirations for the new year, but I plan to forget about all of this “new year, new me” stuff… 
I’m happy with continuing to grow into the “me” I already am! I don’t feel the need to completely change myself to feel better about myself, I’d rather continue to improve on who I am, flaws and all.
I’ve worked hard to get to the place I’m at now and I’ll continue on to keep figuring out who I want to be. The only “resolution” that I have is to continue living life to the fullest and taking each day as it comes. In reality, that’s the best anyone can do!
Bring it on 2015…. I’m ready!
{P.S. Yep, cheesy post, but you knew it was coming ;)}
{P.P.S. The NYC vlog from October is still coming, I swear, it’s just going to be really really late… sorry. :)}