Wisdom Wednesday: The Right Words

It’s almost Christmas and a brand new year is approaching at an alarmingly fast pace. New Years reminds me of many things… new goals, friends, loves, challenges, hobbies, inspirations, and so much more. While scrolling through Bowtiful Life and reflecting on this year, I realized that I haven’t put up a “Wisdom Wednesday” post in quite a while… So here’s a new one!
I was looking at my quotes board on Pinterest as well as all the quotes I’ve re-blogged on my Tumblr and I found a lot that were almost perfect, but not exactly what I wanted. So, I decided to switch some up and mix a few together. This was the end result & honestly I love it!
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Sometimes if you can’t find the right words, you just have say them yourself!

{Also, had to share this gif I found on my Tumblr, because who doesn’t love a sassy & determined Blair Waldorf?!}
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