My Warby Parker Experience

I’ve had glasses since I was in third grade…
So, I’ve had more than a few pairs of glasses in my life. I stopped wearing glasses in public before I started high school. I made the switch to contact lenses for convenience and because I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of how I looked in glasses. However…
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For the last two years or so I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Warby Parker and I decided I’d branch out and try their frames on for size! Early in October, I went to an independent boutique in the area that carried Warby Parker frames and picked out a pair that I loved. The store ordered them for me to be shipped to my school mail room and I left feeling super excited to get my new glasses.

Approximately a week later, my new glasses showed up! But, there was a bit of a problem… one of the lenses was the wrong prescription! After calling the company, one of the super sweet Warby Parker reps and I discovered that the sales associates at the boutique had accidentally read my eye doctor’s handwriting wrong and had confused a six for a two… big whoops.
The Warby Parker rep was extremely apologetic, even though it wasn’t technically Warby Parker’s fault, and went above and beyond to get a pair of frames with my correct prescription shipped to me asap and before I flew to New York. They sent me a return label for the incorrect pair, and my new glasses showed up in five days with time to spare before my trip.
As for the frames, my pick was the Durand frames in Woodland tortoise! I love these glasses and they’re the first pair in years that I’ve been willing to wear wanted to wear on a more regular basis. Over Thanksgiving break, I actually went for three days straight without putting in contact lenses and I wore my glasses instead. That’s how much I like them!
Summed opinion of Warby Parker: fantastic and flattering frames with even better customer service! I’d definitely recommend both the frames and the company to anyone looking for a new pair of glasses!
Are you a glasses wearer? Have you ever bought Warby Parker frames?