Thanksgiving ’14

It’s that wonderful time of the year once again! We think about what we’re grateful for, we watch a parade on TV, and then we stuff ourselves with food while surrounded by our closest friends and family. 
It’s Thanksgiving!
I do my best to count my blessings regularly and remind myself just how lucky I am to live the life I live, but sometimes I take things for granted. Today, it’s customary to think about the things we’re grateful for even more than usual. Out of the numerous things I am thankful for, these are just a few:
My friends
Some of my friends might as well be family with how close we are. I couldn’t imagine my life without any of them and I am constantly grateful for the love and support they show me on a daily basis. Some of my friends I’ve known for almost my whole life, some I met in middle school or high school, and others I’ve just recently been lucky enough to meet during my college years. They are wonderful and I’m so very blessed to have them all in my life!
My family
Thank you to my amazing family for always loving me, laughing with me, and supporting me no matter how crazy or far-fetched an idea of mine might sound or be. For putting up with the silly, twirling, high-energy, bow-wearing girl that is me, Megan Rogers-Reilley, they deserve an award. Love you guys! 😉
I am incredibly lucky to be able to say that I am attending a university that I love. I am thankful each day to go to such an amazing and gorgeous school that is constantly propelling me forward to be the most well-rounded and intelligent person I can be.
I’m also so thankful for all of you lovelies who keep up with this blog of mine. You all make me so happy and I’m so grateful for the support! 🙂
I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving!  With that being said…
What are three things/ people/ places/ etc. that you are especially grateful for this year?