Bowtiful NYC – Day 1 Recap

We started off our first full day in New York City by waking up to an amazing view from the windows of our hotel room. Shortly after getting up, Starbucks was also brought into play so we’d be fully prepped and energized for the day.
For brunch, we went to Plenty Cafe and I got the most delicious bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a biscuit which came with a really yummy side salad. They were playing a lot of acoustic and alternative music with some of my favorite Michael Bublé and John Mayer songs thrown into the mix as well.
I knew that I wanted to visit a few of the infamous Gossip Girl locations while we were in town. Our first outfit of the day shoot took place on The Metropolitan Museum of Art steps. I remember watching Gossip Girl years ago and seeing Serena and Blair sitting on The Met steps on numerous occasions eating yogurt, drinking coffee, gossiping, and hanging out. The outside of The Met is absolutely gorgeous. The stylized columns and detailing around the roof is stunning and so pretty in person!
{see the outfit of the day post Emily shot for me HERE}

Our next stop was Tiffany & Co. It so much fun to look around on the various floors. I discovered that I’m slightly obsessed with the Elsa Peretti bean necklace in rose gold. It’s SO pretty!
Naturally, I managed to find the Tiffany bows within the first few minutes inside the store… typical.
Our final big stop for the day was the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. It was very difficult at times to see some of the things around the museum and remember the events of that day, but it was such a monumental and recent event in our country’s history so I wanted to make sure that we made the trip to see the memorial and museum while we were in town.
I noticed immediately that the museum had lots of high vaulted ceilings with exhibits that reached feet into the air above everyone’s heads. Looking up at faces, stories, artifacts, and videos associated with this event reminded me of being six again and the day that it all transpired. Seeing video clips of the news coverage from the attacks really threw me and I had a bit of a flashback feeling to watching the news when I got home from school that day in 2001. It was a very odd feeling of déjà vu.

The part of the museum that got to me the most, but was also the part  that I appreciated the most, was “Trying to Remember the Color of the Sky on That September Morning.” I thought that not only was it physically beautiful, but also the idea of it was beautiful. It is so true that everyone remembers that day differently. Everyone has their own story of where they were when they heard and how they felt. The Virgil quote “No day shall erase you from the memory of time” was very appropriate.

{the full wall with all 2,983 squares showing}
We got to the reflecting pools around dusk and they were incredibly beautiful, but also shocking. To see so many names inscribed on these massive memorials really makes one realize and get a better idea of the number of lives that were lost. The visit to the museum and memorial was a very intense experience, but I’m very glad I was able to go.

For dinner that night we went to Blue Ribbon Sushi in Soho. After our dinner, we headed back to the hotel for the night.
Day one was certainly packed, and the visit to the 9/11 memorial made it very emotional for a bit, but it was a really good day. Stay tuned for more outfit of the day and recap posts from my trip in the next few weeks!