Back from The Big Apple

It’s official, I’m back in Chicago! My trip to New York was a fantastic and extremely packed experience for me. We were able to squeeze a crazy amount of things into approximately five days. I finally arrived back in Chicago last night after a bit of airport craziness due to a last minute switch of my flight time (SURPRISE! You’re going to be taking off almost two hours earlier than planned!)
I feel that words can’t fully express enough how much I enjoyed this trip! New York was absolutely fabulous. I got to meet with some wonderful people and I was also able to see some beautiful and interesting places while I was visiting.
Plenty of recap and style posts from my trip will be on the blog in the next few weeks. Also, I did a little bit of vlogging while I was traveling, so we’ll see how that turned out. There may be a fun video from the trip going up on my YouTube channel… whenever I end up having time to edit all the footage.
Chicago may have my heart, but NYC has grown on me. I can’t wait for my next visit!