Wisdom Wednesday: What Comes Next

This school year is approaching faster and faster as each day passes. Five more days till move in!!! There’s a lot of uncertainty, plenty that I’m worried about, and quite a lot to think about right now. I’m taking eighteen credit hours this semester which are mostly CORE (classes not directly related to my major, but are required to graduate), planning on maintaining a job, attempting to still have a social life (yikes), and continuing to post here on Bowtiful Life. From the outside looking in, I may seem calm, cool, collected, and “so ready to go back” (which I am), but I’m also freaking out… just a little bit. There’s so much that is unknown going into this year and it’s really quite a lot when everything gets combined together.
I came across this quote recently as I was quickly scrolling through Pinterest during some down time after work and it gave me a sense of calmness and comfort. What stood out most was the line:
“you will be ok”
I say this sort of thing to my friends all the time, but I don’t always remember to say it to myself. It’s a good reminder every now and then when the world seems to be spinning out of control or moving at a ridiculously fast pace. Everything will work out! Regardless of any worries I have or stress I’m feeling now, I am SO excited for this crazy year to begin!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!