VIB Rouge Reception

This weekend I was invited to attend a VIB Rouge Reception at one of my local Sephora stores. We showed up early in the morning, before the store opened, and were greeted by numerous cheery cast members. (Rather than calling them “sales associates” Sephora uses the term “cast” to refer to their employees). They handed us shopping baskets, coffee, and pastries to enjoy as we browsed throughout the store and checked out newly released products and colors.
Sephora had representatives from various brands and numerous makeup artists on hand to help attendees try out different products. That being said, I went a little crazy with swatching eyeshadows and various lip products… I really enjoy “playing” with makeup and color, but I’m definitely a fan of more natural makeup with an occasional fun lip color or bright nail polish thrown into the mix to jazz things up.
I had a blast! They gave us fabulous goodie bags at the end of the event and I picked up some new products to try, including a new concealer routine. I’m really looking forward to the next VIB Rouge Reception and I’m very lucky to have been able to attend this one! I couldn’t imagine a better reason to get up quite so early after the long week I’ve had. It was so worth it!
  • Taryn

    It's so awesome that you're a VIB Rouge! Such a nice gift bag they gave you 🙂

  • Went there for an evening event. After arrival we were immediately greeted with appetizers and cocktails in the room with the fireplace and baby grand piano.