Four Fragrances for Fall ’14

I absolutely love summer, but there’s something about fall that steals my heart. Besides the more obvious things that I like about fall (riding boot and sweater weather, gorgeous red and golden leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, etc.) I love the chilliness of fall. It’s not so cold that you’re freezing and pulling on a down jacket and wool socks, but it’s cool enough that just a little bit of warmth feels nice. I definitely wear fragrances seasonally and I switch them out. Fall is a wonderful time for fragrances with a bit of warmth to them and at this time of year I like scents that make you feel like throwing on a scarf and going for a long walk with a coffee in hand. That being said, I’ll be reaching for these scents on a regular basis while I’m getting dressed in the morning in the upcoming fall months. Can’t wait!
Viva La Juicy // Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial // 
PINK Warm & Cozy // Kate Spade Twirl