Think Like a Girl

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by advertising and we see thousands of ads per day. Like many people, I have a tendency  to mute the commercials that play before YouTube videos or leave the room when they start the commercial breaks on TV. It’s rare that a commercial makes you think for yourself. Many advertisers like to make you think that they have all the answers.

In the last year I’ve noticed a change. I first took notice of this change when Dove was starting to promote their Real Beauty campaign and I wrote a blog post about one of their commercials that inspired me. The following videos are all ads I’ve seen in the last few weeks. I appreciate them for their messages and for making me stop and think.


Pantene: Sorry Not Sorry #ShineStrong

Out of the three, Pantene’s commercial is my favorite. I can really relate to it because on numerous occasions I’ve found myself saying “sorry” a lot more than I have to or should. I used to be told by friends and by guys I dated that I was “too nice” and/or I needed to “stop saying sorry so much.” I hadn’t realized how often I said “sorry” until I started listening to myself.

I’m happy to see brands and companies supporting girls and trying to show them (and the world) that they don’t always need to be sorry, that doing something “like a girl” is a GOOD thing, and that they can and should do whatever they set their minds to.

So, sorry not sorry I think like a girl. 
I am a girl and I am PROUD of it.