Path of Life

It was an odd feeling not to be on social media or do any blogging for a few days, but it gave me a chance to step back and reevaluate my relationships, how I envision my future, what my priorities are, and what kind of path I want to follow in life. The most important thing about this path is that it is my path and my path alone. I am the only person who has the power to make these decisions.
This time of reflection has strengthened me. I now find myself in a place where I can think clearly and relax without stressing about every little detail or worrying about being misperceived. 
We are only human and if we focus so strongly on striving for perfection we will find ourselves in a self-destructive cycle. If you cannot be happy about the goals that you reach and you only focus on the next thing you feel the need to “fix” about yourself, then you will never be happy. It is a vicious cycle and it is one that I will not be following. I will be myself and I will reach my goals because I am determined to do so, not because I am told that I am not good enough as I am.
My worth is not based on what someone else thinks of me or how I am perceived. My worth is based on how I feel about myself and how well I am able to be my true self on a daily basis. I am a happy, thoughtful, and enthusiastic person who takes on life with joy in her heart and a smile on her face. The “me” that I am within the deep depths of my heart and soul is the only person I need to be.
Don’t let anyone write your story for you. It’s your life to live.
Happy to be back